Posted 05/06/2015 by fstv in Surfer

YADIN NICOL – Keramas Factory.

Yadin Nicol – Kerama Factory.


You can’t put Yadin Nicol into a box. On one hand, he epitomizes the consummate professional. He has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish on a trip. He’ll sit in the lineup and wait for the waves that he knows will produce. Then he gets them, and he surfs hard. But on the other hand, Yadin is one of the most genuine and fun-loving people you’ll ever meet. He wears a permanent smile and always call it like he sees it. So you can’t put Yadin into a box, but you can put him into a barrel — or at least he can put himself there. We saw plenty of that at Keramas while Yadin was here. And when he wasn’t putting himself in the barrel, he was putting himself in the air and when he wasn’t putting himself in the air, he was putting his board on rail and when he wasn’t putting his board on rail, he was smiling and we never ever (not even once) thought about categorizing him into the confines of a box.