Posted 26/07/2014 by fstv in Surf Spot

GOLDEN – Stephan Figueiredo had always wanted to surf The Wedge.

SPOT : The Wedge, California.
SURFER : Stephan Figueiredo.
MUSIC : Darkside – “Heart”.
VIDEO : L/F productions.

Stephan Figueiredo is a professional surfer that travels the world in search of waves. For the last 10 years he has circumnavigated the globe, but there was still one wave he had always wanted to surf, a wave he only seen in magazines and videos – The Wedge in Newport Beach, California.
After spending a month in California, a swell hit.
Stephan finally was able to realize his dream of surfing The Wedge. A wave he described as, “perfect, heavy, and exotic,” just the way he likes it.