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Surf Trip

Surf Trip

BOILER BOYS – Dane Reynolds – Taghazout, Morocco.

SURF VIDEO DETAILS: BOILER BOYS – Dane Reynolds – Taghazout, Morocco. “BOILER BOYS” ~ Boilers is the most consistent wave in the popular surf region of taghazout, morocco. a boiler deposited in the lineup from a shi...
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YADIN NICOL – Keramas Factory.

Yadin Nicol – Kerama Factory.   You can’t put Yadin Nicol into a box. On one hand, he epitomizes the consummate professional. He has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish on a trip. He’ll sit in t...


MUTILATEDS LIPS – Enjoy a year of GoPro clips from the camera of Tom Carey.

SURF SPOT : Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii. SURFER / SURFING : Alex Gray, Dusty Payne, Andrew Doheny, Yadin Nicol, Zeke Lau, Mitch Coleborn, Ozzie Wright. SURF VIDEO : Tom Carey / LEAF. Mutilated Lips Enjoy a year of GoPro clips fro...
Surf Trip

PANAMA DUST – Dusty Payne and Yadin Nicol go latino.

SPOT : Panama. SURFERS : Dusty Payne, Yadin Nicol.
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SB2SD – 32 minutes of straight up ripping in southern california.

SPOT : Southern California. SURFERS : Trevor Gordon, Pat Gudauskas, Matt McCabe, Yadin Nicol, Bobby Martinez, Mick Fanning, Kolohe Andino, Mitch Crews, Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, Dylan Graves, Dillon Perillo. MUSIC : Freedom...


STRANGE RUMBLINGS – Globe's surf team journeys from Iceland to Mozambique.

SPOT : Iceland, Mozambique, Europe, Brazil, Indonesia. SURFERS : Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Yadin Nicol, Damien Hobgood, Creed Mctaggart, Cj Hobgood, Alex Smith, Noa Deane, Brendon Gibbens… VIDEO : GLOBE. STRANGE...
Surf Trip

NO EXPECTATIONS – CJ Hobgood and Yadin Nicol search worthy waves in Oz.

SPOT : Western Australia. SURFERS : CJ Hobgood, Yadin Nicol. VIDEO : smith optics. In the first surf edition of Great Days, we followed Smith Team riders CJ Hobgood and Yadin Nicol around Western Australia as they competed in t...
Surf Trip

G-LIDE – Gabe Kling visits Yadin Nicol in Western Australia.

SPOT : Western Australia. SURFER : Gabe Kling, Yadin Nicol. VIDEO : Shock Time.