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Surf Trip

CLUB JENNY – Nick Rozsa surfing Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

SPOT : Italy, France, Spain, Portugal. SURFER : Nick Rozsa, Roby D’amico. MUSIC : Sebastien Tellier / Black Marble / SISU VIDEO : Salty Beards.
Big Waves Surfing

POWER OF GALICIA – Antonio da Silva tries to surf a truly unrideable mutant slab.

SPOT : Galicia slab. SURFER : Antonio da Silva. VIDEO : Samuel Northcoast.

RUGE MUNDAKA – First swell of the season, and an epic one to start with !

SPOT : Mundaka, Euskadi / Spain. SURFER : Eneko Acero & other locals. VIDEO : mitxel produkzioak.

Surf Trip

Aritz Aranburu and friends surf huge med storm in Barcelona.

Yes. It’s Barcelona. A Pukas crew featuring Aritz Aranburu, Ibon Amatriain, Mario Azurza and Adur Letamendia surfed the Mediterranean Sea on March 6th, 2013. A solid swell and a bunch of surfboards shaped by Mikel Agote f...