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Surf Trip

HAPPY DAZE – Beyrick De Vries shredding on the east coast of South Africa.

SPOT :South Africa. SURFER : Beyrick De Vries. VIDEO : Dane Staples Beyrick De Vries shredding on the east coast of South Africa. Surprisingly all this went down in only two weeks of intensive surfing, and what is a surf clip w...

JUST SURFING – Slade Prestwich is just a surfer, but what a surfer !

SPOT : South Africa. SURFER : Slade Prestwich. VIDEO : shaunHQ.
Surf Spot

CAPE TOWN – South Africa's spots are so hot right now !

SPOT : Cape Town, South Africa. SURFERS : matt bromley, ian armstrong, deen hill, brendon gibbens MUSIC : Tannhauser Gate – Automatic Lover. VIDEO : Frankie Congo.

slade prestwich
slade prestwich
slade prestwich

SLADE PRESTWICH – “Mr Tasty” cruises along the south african coastline.

SPOT : South Africa. SURFER : 18 yr old Slade Prestwich (Durban, South Africa ). VIDEO : steven michelsen.
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MONTH TWO – Mikey Feb rips Cape Town ‘s surf spots.

SPOT : Cape Town, South Africa. SURFER : Michael February. VIDEO : steven michelsen.


LETHE – Josh Redman scoring good barrels up and down the Durban coastlines.

SPOT : Durban. SURFER : Josh Redman. MUSIC : Andrew Groeneweld. VIDEO : Film Co.

FROM THE HARDRIVE – Unseen clips from Cape Town (S.Africa) and Tofino (Canada).

SPOT : Cape Town, South Africa + Tofino, Canada. SURFERS : Llandudno and Tofino surf crews. MUSIC : SAVAGES – SHUT UP VIDEO : Emilie Ouellete, GOOSE GOOSE REVOLUTION
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WINTER'S WEEKEND – It's raining, it's pouring… Go surfing with Twiggy Baker !

SPOT : South Africa. SURFERS : Twiggy Baker, Matt Bromley, James Lowe… VIDEO : Frankie Congo

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J-BAY CANVASES – Different approaches to riding the best pointbreak in the world.

SPOT : J-Bay, South Africa. SURFERS : Dylan Lightfoot, Matt Pallet, Steven Sawyer, Matt McGillivray, Shannon Ainslie, Scott Venter. VIDEO : Surflife Jeffreys Bay.
Surf Movie

HIGHLINE ! South Africa with Tanner Gudauskas, Taylor Knox, Parker & Conner Coffin.

SPOT : South Africa. SURFERS :Parker & Conner Coffin, Tanner Gudauskas, Taylor Knox. VIDEO : Ryan Perry / youngwisetails. Highline is a short movie based on a amazing trip to South Africa. It was a bit of a search for wave...

REAL SURF GOLD : Jordy Smith wins X-Games video contest with this dreamy edit.

Jordy Smith’s winning entry for X Games Real Surf 2013, the all-video-part contest running in conjunction with X Games Foz do Iguacu. He took gold with this pretty perfect barrels/carves/airs combination.