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MONSTER MASH – The best barrels recorded in South-Africa this year.

SPOT : South-Africa. SURFER : Chris Leppan, Gideon Malherbe, Adin Jeenes, Twiggy Baker, Wade Simkiss, Deen Hill, Ricky Basnett, Benji Brand, Gary Van Wieringen, Dale Staples, Mark Shepperson. VIDEO : ZagTV
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EAST TO WEST – South Africa's finest surfing talent and locations.

SPOT : Namibia, J-Bay, Durban. SURFER : Granville West, David Brand, Benji Brand, Josh Redman, Donovan Zoetmulder, Llewellyn Whittaker, Tom Curren, Matt Wilkinson, Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright, Mick Fanning, Dale Staples, Beyric...

A SURFER'S PLAYGROUND – TOP 34 freesurfs at J-Bay : lots of fun, lots of talent !

SPOT : Jeffrey’s Bay. SURFERS : John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith, Brett Simpson, Jamie O’Brien, Adriano De Souza, Gabriel Medina, Matthew McGillivray. MUSIC : Imperial Tiger Orchestra. VIDEO : Carel Ol...

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J-BAY HIGHLIGHTS – Mick Fanning prevails in epic but grueling conditions.

SPOT : J-Bay. SURFER : Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson. VIDEO : ASP.
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AFRICA UH OHHH – Jeremy Flores carves J-Bay.

SPOT : J-Bay, South-Africa. ohhhhSURFER : Jeremy Flores. VIDEO : Dane Burheim.

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SPECIAL PLACE – Jordy Smith and his beloved Jeffrey's Bay.

SPOT : Jeffrey’s Bay. SURFER : Jordy Smith. MUSIC : Micha – dick | Pony -Beat band | Goldfish – Moonwalk away. VIDEO : O’Neill. From a surf stoked Durban kid to back-to-back Jeffrey’s Bay champion,...
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CEMETERY SOLSTICE – Chris Leppan's favourite close-out in South-Africa.

SPOT : Cemetery, Umhlanga Rocks, South-Africa. SURFER : Chris Leppan. VIDEO : Luke Ochse.

J-BAY DAY – Locals celebrate International Surfing Day in pumping Supertubes.

SPOT : Jeffrey’s Bay. SURFERS : Remi Petersen, Warren Dean, Steven Sawyer, Kiron Jabour, Bianca Buitendag, Dylan Lightfoot, Warwick Heny, Brian Moulang, Kane Bennewith, Andre Lategan, Ari Kraak, Faye Zoetmulder… MUS...


SURF EVERYTHING – Matt Bromley and Jordan Alexander hook up around Cape Town.

SPOT : Capetown, South Africa. SURFER : Matt Bromley, Jordan Alexander. MUSIC : Kavinsky Ft. Lovefoxx – “Nightcall”, PH FAT – “Kill the Universe”. VIDEO : Tao Farren-Hefer. Spend some time wi...
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WHEN IN ROME – A fresh spin on J-Bay.

SPOT : J-bay. SURFER : Slade Prestwich, Davey Van Zyl, Beyrick De Vries, Mikey February. VIDEO : steven michelsen.

PERFECT PATH – How surfing kept Jordy Smith and Sihle Umboto off the streets.

SPOT : South-Africa, Australia. SURFER : Jordy Smith, Sihle Umboto. VIDEO : O’Neill. O’Neill’s Jordy Smith is known for his cutting-edge high performance surfing. Surfing kept Jordy off the streets and he has ...