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CREEPY BORED – Portuguese junior João Kopke fights boredom by surfing.

SPOT : Portugal. SURFER : João Kopke. VIDEO : ONFIRE Surf. Portuguese junior João Kopke launched an instagram video series named “Bored” a few months ago with us! But this month we decided to go further and instead ...

GONY ZUBIZARRETA – Born in Argentina, raised in Spain, living in Portugal.

SPOT : Spain & Portugal. SURFER : Gony Zubizarreta. VIDEO : GO-S.TV.

TIAGO PIRES – The Portuguese tiger sharpen his claws.

SPOT : Portugal… SURFER : Tiago Pires. VIDEO : ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos.


SUMMER – Ruben Gonzales enjoying small waves season in Portugal.

SPOT : Portugal. SURFER : Ruben Gonzales. MUSIC : Second Chapter. VIDEO : Boa Onda.
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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN – Pedro Henrique kills it in Portugal.

SPOT : Serra de Sintra, Portugal. SURFER : Pedro Henrique. VIDEO : Biostyles Productions. The Other side of the Mountain is a video from Pedro Henrique surfing in a couple sessions around Serra de Sintra, showing a little of th...

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RUNAWAY PORTUGAL – Reubyn Ash's successful road trip.

SPOT : Portugal. SURFER : Reubyn Ash. MUSIC : Relentless – Hillsong UNITED. VIDEO : Jonna Kerman, Tim Boydell. Hello and welcome to the 4th part of my series Runaway. Last year I did a proper road trip in Europe. I lived ...
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AL GHARB – One of the best surf areas in Europe : Algarve, Portugal.

SPOT : Ponta Ruiva, Amado, Castelejo, Cordoama – Sagres, Algarve, Portugal. SURFERS : Miguel Mouzinho, Marlon Lipke, Eduardo Fernandes, Pedro Sousa e André Mouzinho. VIDEO : GO-S.TV.

NAZARE '68 – The big wave arena was once a quiet surf destination.

SPOT : Nazare, Portugal. VIDEO : ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos.

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PENICHE – This is why Dane Hall now calls Portugal home.

SPOT : Peniche, Portugal. SURFER : Dane Hall. VIDEO : Tobias Ilsanker.
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SILVER COAST – Ruben Gonzalez cruises down Portugal in style.

SPOT : Portugal. SURFER : Ruben Gonzalez. VIDEO : ONFIRE Surf.
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SEARCHING PORTUGAL – Epic final to Jayce Robinson and Lyndon Wake's voyage.

SPOT : Portugal. SURFER : Jayce Robinson, Lyndon Wake. MUSIC : BREE TRANTER – “Winter”, GOAT – “Disco fever”, BREE TRANTER – “Wounded Love”. VIDEO : Ripcurl, Luke Pilbeam. J...