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Big Waves Surfing

BIG WAVE SURFING – Dungeons and Sunsets, Cape Town, South Africa.

SURF VIDEO DETAILS: Big Wave Surfing – Dungeons and Sunsets, Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town had a day of swell with perfect conditions for both big wave spots, Dungeons and Sunsets. We made a mission on the boat and t...
Big Waves Surfing

LOBOS IN THE AIR – Chile drone.

LOBOS IN THE AIR – Chile.   Produced and Directed by Alfredo Escobar TIGRE FILMS Dron operator: Alfredo Escobar Song: El gato la virgen y el diablo surfer: Leo Acevedo
Big Waves Surfing

MASSIVE MAVERICKS – Big wave surfers from around the world in Half Moon Bay.

SURF SPOT : Mavericks – Half Moon Bay – California, Dec. 20, 2014. SURFERS / SURFING : Jamie Mitchell, Garrett McNamara, Shane Dorian, Shawn Dollar, Tyler Fox, Ryan Seelbach, Ken “Skindog” Collins. SURF ...

Big Waves Surfing

EPIC ROKA PUTA – Twiggy joins the best basque locals in pumping surf.

SURF SPOT : Roka Puta (Roca Puta) – Euskadi. SURFERS / SURFING : Imanol Yeregi, Natxo Gonzalez, Indar Unanue, Iñigo Idigoras, Pablo Garcia, Zumo, Grant Baker. SURF VIDEO : Jon Aspuru + Unai Borda Dulanto. RokaPuta –...
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Big Waves Surfing

FULL JAWS – Local and visiting big wave chargers paddle session.

SPOT : Jaws, Maui. SURFERS : Ian Walsh, Shane Dorian, Shaun Walsh, Kai Lenny, Ryan Hipwood, Albee Layer, Billy Kemper, Kealii Mamala, Yuri Soledade, Marcio Freire, Danilo Couto, Stephen Koehne, Mark Healey, Jamie Sterling, Mark...

Big Waves Surfing

TYPHOON NURI – A great warm up swell for local chargers at Jaws.

First big wave swell of the year at Peahi, Maui. Two days of clean conditions surfing the swell from the biggest storm to ever hit the Bering Sea. The swell was far away making for inconsistent sets but it was a great warm up s...

GIRLS WITH GUNS – Justine Dupont and Lea Brassy surf big waves in the Basque Country.

SPOT : Basque Country. SURFER : Justine Dupont VIDEO : Benoit Potier-Justine Dupont.
Big Waves Surfing

DEEP WATER: MEXICO – Kohl Christensen hangs out with local barrel hunters.

SPOT : Mexico. SURFERS : Kohl Christensen, Greg Russ, Brian Conley, Shannon “Hopper” Eichstaedt, Nils Schweizer, Nick Christensen, Danilo Couto, Orion Barels, Casey Goepel, Jeff Denholm. VIDEO : Patagonia. Kohl Chri...

Big Waves Surfing

LA VACA – A challenging big wave arena in Santander, Spain.

SPOT : La Vaca, Santander, Spain. SURFERS : Fernando Riego, Axi Muniain, Alejandro Morales, Dani Pablos, Oscar Gómez, Miguel Gutiérrez Welsh, Pilou Ducalme. VIDEO : MarkYourWaves.
Big Waves Surfing

M E Ñ A K O Z – The original big wave spot in the basque country.

SPOT : Meñakoz, Euskadi. VIDEO : jon aspuru.
Big Waves Surfing

MASSIVE PUERTO – 3 days of giant swell in Puerto Escondido.

SPOT : Puerto Escondido, Mexico. VIDEO : GreenCMedia.