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FUN ON THE DOCK – Donavon Frankenreiter and friends go “Sit Down Paddling”.

SPOT : Mentawai, Indo. SURFERS : Donavon Frankenreiter, Peter Mendia, Nate Behl… MUSIC : The Devil Makes Three / Dynamite. VIDEO : FTR Films.
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BATTLE AT THE BANK – Dingo, Rothman and Behl measure up in the Mentawai.

SPOT : Mentawai. SURFERS : Dingo Morrison, Koa Rothman, Nate Behl. MUSIC : Father John Misty / Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings. VIDEO : FTR Films.
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THE BIRD – The best of the Mentawai Islands shot from a drone.

SPOT : Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. VIDEO : The Bird. In June of 2014, we spent 11 days surfing the Mentawai Islands. The conditions were perfect the entire trip with light offshore winds and plenty of swell to go around. I was...

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MACARONIS – Dion Agius leads last minute Mentawai charge.

SPOT : Macaronis, Mentawai. SURFER : Dion Agius… VIDEO : Kale Rickards – Macaronis Resort.
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DARIGOOD TRIP – Arnaud Darrigade, Mentawai.

SPOT : Mentawai, Indonesia. SURFER : Arnaud Darrigade.

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MAY MADNESS – This is why we all dream of the Mentawai…

SPOT : Mentawai, Indonesia. MUSIC : Digitalism – Pogo. VIDEO : The Perfect Wave – Andy Potts.
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2 HOURS – A short Mentawai session to remind you how perfect Kandui can be.

SPOT : Kandui (Rifles), Mentawai, Indonesia. SURFER : Nate Behl, Drew Meredith. MUSIC : Dahle Lama – Solo Mission. VIDEO : FTR Films.
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GREENBUSH – Andrew Bennett scores uncrowded world class surf.

SPOT : Greenbush, Mentawai, Indonesia. SURFER : Andrew Bennett (Santa Barbara). MUSIC : Future Islands – “Spirit”. VIDEO : Nick Liotta.

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PERFECT MACARONIS – This Mentawai left looks as fun as a wave can get.

SPOT : Macaronis, Mentawai, Indonesia. MUSIC : Dark Matter of Story Telling – This Wave. VIDEO : Macaronis Resort – Jy Johannesen.
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BAGUS BAGARAI – Team Hang Loose's boat trip reaches deep Indonesia (28mn).

SPOT :Mentawai, Indonesia. SURFER : Victor Bernardo, Fabio GouvĂȘia, Ian GouvĂȘia, Tiago Bianchini. MUSIC : Black Drawing Chalks, Adam e Juliette, Crocodilla, Audac, Koti e Os Penitentes, Quarto Sensorial, Golden Jivers, We Versu...

THE SCORE – Amy Kotch surfing perfect waves in the Mentawais and the Maldives.

SPOT : Mentawais & Maldives SURFER : Amy Kotch VIDEO : Lunasurf