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SURF FROM ABOVE – Drone Footage of Pipeline on the best day of season.

SURF SPOT : Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii. SURFER / SURFING : John John Florence, Mason Ho, Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons. MUSIC : woodrowgerber SURF VIDEO : Eric Sterman/surfline Surf From Above | Drone Footage of Pipeline Eric S...

UNCONTESTABLE – Epic Pipeline after the contest was called off.

SURF SPOT : Pipeline, North-Shore, Hawaii. SURFER / SURFING : Nat young, jamie o’brien, john florence, julian wilson, koa rothman. SURF VIDEO : SURFING Magazine. Uncontestable Pipeline after they called off the Billabong ...

1000 FPS – If you don't like this video, you don't like surfing !

SPOT : Shipstern… SURFERS : Mark Matthews, Matthew Meola, Jay Davies, Craig Anderson, Clay Marzo, Kelly Slater, Creed McTaggart x 2, Billy Kean, Mark Matthews, Taj Burrow, Random surfer underwater, John-John Florence, Kel...


JOHN JOHN SUCKS – Is John John Florence really that good ?

SURFER : John John Florence. MUSIC : Death From Above 1979 – “Right On, Frankenstein!”, Rita Ortolani – “The Roaring Twenties”. VIDEO : J. Patrick Stublen.
Freesurf TV Player
Surf Contest

TAHITI PRO – Highlights of an all time day of competition at Teahupoo.

SPOT : Teahupoo, Tahiti. SURFER : Medina, Slater, Florence. VIDEO : ASP.


A SURFER'S PLAYGROUND – TOP 34 freesurfs at J-Bay : lots of fun, lots of talent !

SPOT : Jeffrey’s Bay. SURFERS : John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith, Brett Simpson, Jamie O’Brien, Adriano De Souza, Gabriel Medina, Matthew McGillivray. MUSIC : Imperial Tiger Orchestra. VIDEO : Carel Ol...

VICTORIA ROAD TRIP – Jeremy Flores scores fun waves along John John Florence.

SPOT : Victoria, Australia. SURFER : Jérémy Florès, John John Florence.

ENJOY – Wanna follow John John Florence's travels in Europe ? You should !

SPOT : France & Portugal. SURFERS : John John Florence & Ivan Florence VIDEO : Blake Vincent Kueny. MUSIC : Josephine Baker – De Temps En Temps. Martin Hall – Transaction by Pesteg Dreg, SS-Say. Pond ̵...

Surf Contest

EPIC PIPE MASTERS FINALS Kelly Slater remains the best surfer at Pipeline !

SPOT : Pipeline, Hawaii. SURFERS : Mick Fanning – World Champion, Kelly Slater – Pipe Masters,John John Florence – Triple Crown Winner. VIDEO : ASP.

LINES – Jamie O, John John, Wardo and friends over a week on the North Shore.

SPOT : North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. SURFERS : Jamie O’brien, John John Florence, Chris Ward, Gavin Sutherland, Ricardo Christie… VIDEO : Guy Mac.

WINTERY SUMMERY – Jamie O'Brien, John John Florence and friends score early Hawaii.

SPOT :North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. SURFERS : Jamie O’brien, John John Florence, Derek Ho, Kalani Chapman, Zeke Lau VIDEO : Guy Mac