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Surf Trip

MEXICO MIXTAPE – Brad Domke and Jamie O'Brien compare approaches.

SPOT : Mexico. SURFER : Brad Domke, JOB. VIDEO : Dylan Palmer.

A SURFER'S PLAYGROUND – TOP 34 freesurfs at J-Bay : lots of fun, lots of talent !

SPOT : Jeffrey’s Bay. SURFERS : John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Jordy Smith, Brett Simpson, Jamie O’Brien, Adriano De Souza, Gabriel Medina, Matthew McGillivray. MUSIC : Imperial Tiger Orchestra. VIDEO : Carel Ol...

CORN HOLE – Alex Gray and Jamie O'Brien hunts tasty barrels in Mexico.

SPOT : Mexico. SURFER : Alex Gray, Jamie O’Brien. MUSIC : Antonio Aguilar. VIDEO : Mike Nulty – Turkeymelt.


ENDLESS BARRELS – 13 minutes of the best GoPro clips shot in Hawaii this winter.

SPOT : North Shore, Hawaii. SURFERS : Kamalei Alexander, Gavin Beschen, Noah Beschen, Benji Brand, Matt Bromley, Mikey Bruneau, Joel Centeio, Kalani Chapman, Kohl Christensen, Beyrick DeVries, Stephan Figueiredo, Mark Healey, C...
Freesurf TV Player

SHOREBREAK MADNESS – Jamie O'Brien and friends find new ways to break their necks.

SPOT : Keiki Shorebreak, Pipeline, Hawaii. SURFER : Jamie O’Brien. MUSIC : New Beat Fund – Scare Me. VIDEO : Red Bull. In Who is JOB 4.0 episode 2, the guys use a winch to pull into death-barrels at Keiki Shorebreak...

Big Waves Surfing

SOFT JAWS – Jamie O'Brien and friends rent soft-top boards to charge Jaws !

SPOT : Jaws, Maui, Hawaii. SURFER :Jamie O’Brien. MUSIC : AWOLNATION – Wake Up, New Beat Fund – Beware of Phony Disco, Five Knives – The Future, Five Knives – All Fall Down. VIDEO : Red Bull. In th...

LINES – Jamie O, John John, Wardo and friends over a week on the North Shore.

SPOT : North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. SURFERS : Jamie O’brien, John John Florence, Chris Ward, Gavin Sutherland, Ricardo Christie… VIDEO : Guy Mac.

BLACK FRIDAY PIPELINE – Large swell hits North Shore of Hawaii, everyone gets pitted.

SPOT : Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, North SHore, Hawaii. SURFERS : Damien Hobgood, Jamie O’Brien, Gabriel Medina, Nic Von Rupp, Nat Young, CJ Hobgood, John John Florence, Koa Rothman, Mick Fanning, Pat Gudauskas, Flynn Novak. V...


WINTERY SUMMERY – Jamie O'Brien, John John Florence and friends score early Hawaii.

SPOT :North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. SURFERS : Jamie O’brien, John John Florence, Derek Ho, Kalani Chapman, Zeke Lau VIDEO : Guy Mac