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Big Waves Surfing
Big Waves Surfing

IRELAND vs HERCULES – Winter storm sends huge waves to Mullaghmore.

SPOT :Mullaghmore, county Sligo, Ireland. SURFER :Andrew Cotton, Nic Von Rupp, Dylan Stott, Lyndon Wake, Tom Butler, Ollie O’Flaherty … VIDEO : Red Bull. Winter storm Hercules blew across the Atlantic pounding the w...

OUR SEARCH (Pt.1) – Searching for cold and stormy monsters in Ireland.

SPOT : Ireland. SURFERS : Jayce Robinson, Lyndon Wake. VIDEO : Luke Pilbeam. Jayce and Lyndon are at the start or their epic journey. They have already travelled the coast of Ireland in search for new hidden spots and waves tha...

Big Waves Surfing

HALLOW WEEK – Big wave madmen united in Mullaghmore barrels and hell wipeouts.

SPOT : Mullaghmore Head, Ireland. SURFERS : NY crew meets up with lreland’s big wave madmen : Kurt Rist, Will Skudin, Dylan Stott, Neil Britton, Peter Conroy, Shambles, Paul O’kane, Peter Craig, Barry Mottershead. V...
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Big Waves Surfing

MULLAGHMORE HEAD – 20ft waves hammer Ireland, tow-in crews answer the call.

SPOT : Mullaghmore Head, Co, Sligo, Ireland. VIDEO : cmpireland.


CARVING A LIFE – story of a surfboard, from being shaped to catching it's first waves.

This film tells the story of a surfboard being shaped from a piece of polystyrene in a box to catching it’s first waves in a small summer swell in Bundoran. SPOT : Bundoran, Ireland. MUSIC : Marineville. VIDEO : Simon Barr.
Big Waves Surfing

SEA FEVER – Cold & harsh surf in the depths of the winter (Britain & Ireland).

SPOTS : UK and Ireland. SURFERS :Fergal Smith, Jayce Robinson, Alan Stokes, Nic Von Rupp, Tom Butler… MUSIC : Massive Attack – A Prayer for England. VIDEO : Tim Davies.
Big Waves Surfing

IN WINTERS ARMS – Tom Lowe paddles in cold Irish monsters.

SURFER : Tom Lowe SPOTS : Ireland MUSIC : Ben Howard