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GOODBYE BUTTONS – Hawaiian Surfing Legend, Innovator of Modern Day Surfing (1958-2013).

SURFER : Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani (1958-2013). SPOT : Hawaii. VIDEO : EOS.

EARLY SEASON STOKE – Pipeline season opens with banger of a swell.

SPOT : Pipeline, Oahu North Shore, Hawaii. SURFERS : Kaiman Henry, Kaiborg, Derek Ho, Kaleo Roberson, Jonah Morgan, Tuhiti Haumani, Tai Vandyke, Mike Gleason, Finn McGill, Imai Devault, Kamalei Alexander, Milo Murguia, Sai Smil...
Big Waves Surfing

HOT DOG JAWS – Ian Walsh plays stuntman in Hawaii and charger in Fiji.

SPOT : Jaws, Ohau, Hawaii + Cloudbreak, Tavaru, Fiji. SURFER : Ian Walsh. VIDEO : Red Bull.


WIPEOUT PORN – 40 years of epic surf fails (1959-1996).

SPOT : Hawaii and more. SURFERS :Unlucky ones ! MUSIC :Nazareth – Love Hurts. VIDEO : Encyclopedia of Surfing.
Freesurf TV Player

Displaying power and style from Hawaii to Lowers to Tahiti.

SURFER : Conner Coffin SPOT : Hawaii + Lowers + Tahiti VIDEO : Hurley

Surf Spot

MAALAEA – a.k.a Freight Trains, this hawaiian gem is one of the world's fastest rights.

SPOT : Freight Trains / Ma’alaea, Maui, Hawaii. VIDEO : Jason Hall

DOUBLE ANGLE PORTFOLIO – Hawaii, Chile and Brazil shot from water and land.

Rafaski is a brazilian photographer whose photography portfolio stress the difference between water and land angles. Photos and videos come from Hawaii, Chile and Fernando de Noronha (Brazil).


MALIA MANUEL – How to rip the North Shore in a bikini.

Malia Manuel spent a few weeks on the North Shore. Check it out! Music : Handbook Beats.

Clay Marzo is a F#cking Ninja !

Some fun clips from Clay at home in Maui the past couple months.

All Girls Big Island Surf Trip.

Alessa Quizon, Elle-Jean Coffey, and Catherine Clark took a quick girls trip over to the Big Island. They rented an old station wagon and hit the road in search of hidden beaches where they could just relax and do a little surf...