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Surf Trip

5 BOYS AND 1 ISLAND – Groms kills it in Lanzarote.

SPOT : Lanzarote, Canaria. SURFERS : luís diaz, asier iriondo, adur amatriain, iker amatriain, ibon yarritu. MUSIC : Love Is All I Got – Crystal Fighter, Justice – Dance. VIDEO : Pedro Pérez – Franito.

TAHITI JACK – You gotta see how Jack Robinson, 16, charges Teahupoo !

SPOT : Teahupoo, Tahiti. SURFER : Jack Robinson. VIDEO : billabong.

SHAKA MALAKA – Tane Bowden, 13, New Zealand.

SPOT : New Zealand. SURFER : Tane Bowden. VIDEO : Arnold Sykes.

Surf Trip

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE – Groms take on Teahupo'o.

SPOT : Teahupo’o. SURFERS : Jack Robinson, Griffin Colapinto, Ian Gentil, Taylor Clark, Shaun Manners, Josh Burke. VIDEO : ASP On the cusp of the the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti, take a look at some of the young Trials comp...
Freesurf TV Player

NOA DUPOUY – Do you know many 9 years old that can land proper airs ?

SPOT : California, Hawaii. SURFER : Noa Dupouy, 9 years old, France. New edit from Noa about his last season. After a good time at home , first stop in California , paradise for a kid ! Noa got new friends and got some Trophy o...


HELL TEAM HAWAII – Rip Curl groms invade the North Shore.

SPOT :Hawaii. SURFER :Rip Curl Team. VIDEO : FreedomRiding.

MARCO MIGNOT – 13 years old ripping the mexican surf.

SPOT : Sayulita, Mexico. SURFER : Marco Mignot. VIDEO : higher latitude films. Higher latitude is proud to present Marco Mignot, and Impressive 13 year old surfer. After shooting Oulala featuring Marcos brother Nomme Mignot, an...
Surf Contest

LAKEY PEAK GROMSEARCH Pat Curren wins international final in perfect conditions.

SPOT : Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, Indonesia. SURFERS : Pat Curren, Jacob Willcox, Brisa Hennessy, Cinta Hansel, Isabella Nichols. MUSIC : Ghost Knife – Frustrated Maths. VIDEO : Ripcurl. Californian Pat Curren wins the 10 year ...


DEAN VANDERWALLE – 12-year old Belgium supergrom training in Hawaii.

SPOT : Hawaii . SURFER : 12-year old Belgium supergrom Dean Vandewalle. VIDEO : TeamONeill 12-year old microgram Dean Vandewalle hails from Belgium and has been shaped by living and surfing in Costa Rica. He spent some time on ...

NOAH BESCHEN – The supergrom at play in P-Pass, the Gold Coast and Hawaii.

SPOT : P-Pass, Gold Coast, Hawaii. SURFER : Noah Beschen. MUSIC : reignwolf. VIDEO : LIEBER VISION. This is Noah Beschen’s most captivating growth spurt to date. Shot at P-Pass, the Gold Coast and Noah’s Hawaiian ho...

WILD & INFERIOR- Caleb Tancred 12 years old aussie supergrom.

SPOT : Avoca Beach NSW, Australia. SURFER : Caleb Tancred 12 years of age residing from Avoca Beach NSW. MUSIC : The Blue Dress – Wild Nothing. VIDEO : Owen Milne Caleb Tancred 12 years of age residing from Avoca Beach NS...