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KANOA IGARASHI – Huntington Beach's grommet is back after breaking his leg.

SURFER : Kanoa Igarashi (October 1, 1997), professional Surfer from Huntington Beach, Ca. 2012 USA u18 Surfing Champion. strong>VIDEO : Ethan Carlston and Hao Blake Chang.


WEEKEND CRUZ – Michael Dunphy meets up with Nat Young in Santa Cruz.

SPOT : Santa Cruz, California SURFER : Michael Dunphy, Nat Young VIDEO : Thomas Brothers Productions
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COLIN DEVEZE – Meet this stylish Grom from San Clemente, California.

SURFER : Colin Deveze. Height: 5’5″/ Weight: 115 Date of Birth: 10.22.1997 Hometown: San Clemente, California. Local Spot: T Street. Sponsors: Rip Curl, Lost Surfboards, Electric, OAM, Grom Bomb, Hapa J’s, and Bubbl...


WEDGE CARNAGE – Border-line crazyman Charlie Wiggs tackles shorebreak on soft tops.

SPOT : The Wedge, Newport Beach, California. SURFER : Charlie Wiggs. MUSIC : The Kinks – A Well Respected Man, Bass Drum of Death – No Demons, Smith Westerns – All Die Young. VIDEO : Mac Saxton.

Kid knows how to ride a log… and a shortboard too !

SURFER : Dakota Faircloth. SPOT : Huntington Beach. VIDEO : Syngen Bingham.


GOLDEN STATE | A Kassia Meador color dream flowing inside your mind.

SURFER : Kassia Meador. SPOT : California. MUSIC : Eddie Okwedy – Happy Survival. VIDEO : Jack Coleman.

SUMMER DOES NOT SUCK – Surfers go for a dip… Girls on the beach go crazy !

SURFERS : Kaoli Kahokuloa, Nathan Carvalho, Justin Adams and Oliver Kurtz. SPOT : California MUSIC : Nina Simone (bassnectar remix) “Feeling Good” VIDEO : mbmsurf EXTRA : Its always refreshing to see some of the tal...

SAILIN – Bobby Martinez rips a bunch of californian spots.

SURFER : Bobby Martinez. SPOT : Rincon (+California). MUSIC : Rainbow Girls – Sailin. VIDEO : Sean Lesh.