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BASQUES IN NAMIBIA – Yes, being a Mundaka regular helps surfing Skeleton Bay.

SURF SPOT : Skeleton Bay, Namibia. SURFER / SURFING : Indar Unanue, Natxo Gonzalez, Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama, David Bustamante… MUSIC : Music: You & Me (flume remix) – Disclosure Ft. Eliza Doolittle. SURF ...
Surf Trip

MOZAMBIQUE – A journey to find sand bottom point break perfection.

SPOT : Mozambique. SURFERS : Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson, Dillon Perillo and Gabriel Medina. MUSIC : Thee Lexington Arrows – We’re Not Welcome Here. VIDEO : Rip Curl. Hit the road with Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson, D...
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1 DAY IN TARKWA BAY – Amazing wedging peaks revealed in Nigeria.

SPOT : Tarkwa Bay, Nigeria SURFER : John Micheletti… VIDEO : John Micheletti – ZagTV

Surf Trip

THE GETAWAY – Jordy Smith scores impossibly long sand bottomed tubes.

SPOT : Africa. SURFER : Jordy Smith. VIDEO : O’Neill.
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DIAMOND OF THE DESERT – A solid contender for best barrel of all time !

SPOT : Skeleton Bay, Namibia. SURFER : Koa Smith, Alex Smith, Travis Smith, Dylan Goodale. VIDEO : In this arid African Desert, 1/5 of all the diamonds in the world exist. They were so common at one point that...

Surf Trip

EAST TO WEST – South Africa's finest surfing talent and locations.

SPOT : Namibia, J-Bay, Durban. SURFER : Granville West, David Brand, Benji Brand, Josh Redman, Donovan Zoetmulder, Llewellyn Whittaker, Tom Curren, Matt Wilkinson, Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright, Mick Fanning, Dale Staples, Beyric...
Surf Trip

WEST TIP OF AFRIKA – William Aliotti enjoys the waves and scenery of Senegal.

SPOT : Senegal. SURFER : The West Tip Of Afrika VIDEO : William Aliotti. In early summer, a large swell gave good waves on the West African coast, particularly in Senegal. Just enough time to take a ticket to enjoy the few days...
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THE DONKEY UNLEASHED – More epic Namibia !

SPOT : Donkey Bay – Namibia. SURFERS : Dale Staples, Matt Bromley, Ryan & Shaun Payne. VIDEO : Dane Staples – billabongsouthafrica. Dale Staples, Matt Bromley and Ryan and Shaun Payne made the trek into the des...

Surf Trip

TURTLE ISLANDS – Surf exploration in a remote archipelago off the coast of Sierra Leone.

SPOT : Sierra Leone. SURFERS : Erwan Simon (FRA), Emiliano Cataldi (ITA), Sam Bleakley (UK). VIDEO : emicataldi. In May 2014 the SurfEXPLORE team travelled to the Turtle Islands, a remote archipelago off the coast of Sierra Leo...
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SKELETON BAY – Namibia's perfect sand bottom point comes alive again !

SPOT : Namibia. SURFER : Matt Bromley. VIDEO : steven michelsen. The dream of a perfect sand bottom point that reels down for miles isn’t that far fetched if your willing to travel, once you arrive at your destination how...
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MY BEST SESSION EVER – Surf adventurer Kepa Acero find the left of his dreams.

SPOT : Secret Africa. SURFER : Kepa Acero. VIDEO : kepaacero.