Posted 22/07/2014 by fstv in Surf Movie

SB2SD – 32 minutes of straight up ripping in southern california.

SPOT : Southern California.
SURFERS : Trevor Gordon, Pat Gudauskas, Matt McCabe, Yadin Nicol, Bobby Martinez, Mick Fanning, Kolohe Andino, Mitch Crews, Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, Dylan Graves, Dillon Perillo.
MUSIC : Freedom Hawk – “Stand Back”.
VIDEO : Dave Schauber.

SB2SD is a FREE internet surf video showcasing RED HOT surfing at top locations between Santa Barbara and San Diego Counties in Southern California and features travel segments to Mexico, Bali, and Hawaii.
Unlike all the high budget corpo surf films SB2SD threw things back to the 90’s. An era when high energy action packed videos actually got you fired up to surf.
It contains No RED cam footage, No Drone Shots, No GoPro’s, No Water Angles, No Slow Motion, No Endless B-roll and No Weak Music.
A solid grinding soundtrack and mind blowing surfing was all that was needed to create this latest action packed effort.
Surfers include Kelly, JJF, Dane, Mick, Parko, Conner, Yadin, Kerrzy, Julian, Seabass, Nat, Kolohe, Adriano, Felipe, Gabriel, Simpo, Crewsy, Bede, Pat G and many many more.