Posted 23/01/2017 by fstv in Freesurf


Glimpses of life inside a Scottish winter sanitarium.
All the waves are riding 4 fin or 5 fin set ups, on a self designed ‘signature Lunasurf fin template’. As is the Luna all 4mm hooded wetsuit, full grip & leash.
Available as tri-quad with knubster, quad fin, thruster fin or just the knubster from lunasurf.com made by Futures Fins.
Filmed & edited by Ian Battrick
Additional filming by Kyle Anderson & Niall Manson.
100% shot on a GoPro & using MyGoMouth Mount.
Surfboards shaped by:
Lee Bartlett / Fourth Surfboards
Jeff Doc Lausch / Surf Prescriptions / Varial Foam
Artist: Metallica
Track: Welcome Home (sanitarium)

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