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RVCA IN BAJA – Ford Archbold, Matt Pagan…

Chasing waves below the border, RVCA advocates Ford Archbold, Matt Pagan, Nathan Strom & Grant Noble, cruise the Baja coast line in search of south swells and warm water, in hopes of finding some uncrowded surf. Taking on a fresh head space in desolate waters leads to creative expression. Waves were found and fun was had, both at sea and on land. They exist within the place without compromising its true natures. Sometimes a new location can take hold of a traveler, as the charisma of both personality and place combine to create a whole new artifact. Surfing and moving and living in the current help to keep real life enjoyable.

SURF SPOT : Baja Mexico
SURFING / SURFER : Ford Archbold, Matt Pagan, Nathan Strom, Grant Noble

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