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RUNAWAY FRANCE – Reubyn Ash around Hossegor, Mundaka and the Wavegarden.

SPOT : Hossegor (France), Mundaka + Wavegarden (Spain / Basque Country).
SURFER : Reubyn Ash.
MUSIC : Brian jonestown Massacre – “Anenome”.
VIDEO : Reubyn Ash.

RUNAWAY FRANCE – Reubyn Ash around Hossegor, Mundaka and the Wavegarden.

France = World class beach breaks. Endless beautiful sandy beaches. Long hot summer days. These are the main reasons why every year I go back to the South of France. I always find myself booking the ferry and driving down in my van. And every year my trip ends up being much longer than I planned.

My 6th Runaway episode is mostly filmed around Hossegor, Mundaka and the Wavegarden in Basque Country. It’s a mix of clips from last year and this year. Last year it was flat for ages so I didn’t really score it then and this year there was a flat period of time also for a while, but I had some fun waves at the end of the summer. I also drove to Mundaka for a couple of days, but it seems to get so busy over there these days that it’s really hard to get waves there. The Wavegarden on the other hand always provides the same perfect little conditions. This year they had changed the wave a little bit. It’s so fun and perfect for intensive training sessions. I love it.

Overall, France never disappoints me. Maybe it’s the mix of great waves, chilled atmosphere, warm weather, great people and the feeling of doing a proper road-trip that always drives me back there. I’m sure I’ll see you again next year.

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