Posted 01/10/2013 by fstv in Different

QIANTANG SHOOT OUT – Hawaiian chargers dominate river surfing event in China.

SPOT : Silver Dragon, Qiantang River, Hangzhou, China.
SURFER :Kalani David, Makua Rothman,Phil MacDonald, Trent Munro,Anastasia Ashley, Steve Newton,Mark Mathews, Richie Vaculik.
VIDEO : Glenn Brumage.

With typhoon Usagi spinning clouds, rain showers, and worst of all wind, at us in Hangzhou, the surf conditions were….challenging. All the athletes and crews rallied, made the most of it and performed at an unexpectedly high level. Especially on the day of finals when lashing rain cut visibility to under 20 meters and the local authorities called the comp to a halt before we could reach the starting point. Fortunately the squall passed within 30 minutes and the authorities allowed the contest to continue, though on a slightly shorter course due to the inability of the crews to gas up the skis and officials boats. None the less, the surfing was world class, the judging was spot on and the comp an overwhelming success. Like so many comps before it, it came down to the last two sections with RVCA losing the lead to Ocean and Earth as Phil MacDonald snapped vertical turn after vertical turn off the top only to be answered by RVCA’s Kalani David who shredded the last section, regaining the lead before the wave died out in deep water.