Posted 16/10/2014 by fstv in Surf Trip

POLLOS LOCOS 2 – Mexico pointbreaks and epic Puerto Barrels.

SPOT : Puerto Escondido, Mexico .
SURFERS : Oscar Moncada, Carlos Goncalves, Carlos Muñoz, Miguel Tudela.
MUSIC : The Picturebooks, Imaginary Horse.
VIDEO : Volcom.

Six minutes of action, passion and the blood bound that fellow latinos have between each other and with the ocean.
This second edit is a mix of everything; from mex main pointbreaks to epic Puerto Escondido Barrels. Watch a short section of Cali and Miguel shredding the points and then we travel all the way to Puerto to find Oscar Moncada and Carlos Goncalves enjoying nature as it’s most. They scored one of the biggest swell of the year so far and you can tell that in Oscar’s last mental wave. Turn up your volume, take a tequila shot and feel the good vibes of the “crazy chickens”.
Stay tuned for the next chapters of the guys surfing in Perú and Costa Rica.