Posted 21/03/2013 by fstv in Surf Trip

MEXICO EXPRESS – Follow Frederico Morais, Nomme and Diego Mignot.

Last year new Billabong team riders Diego and Nomme Mignot were joined by Frederico Morais for a ten day trip throughout Mainland Mexico. The trio were coached by Richard Marsh, who fine tuned their performance and training in preparation for the 2013 season.

While they didn’t score epic waves, with the aid of Mignot cousins’ local knowledge, plenty of super fun waves were found, usually with no other surfers for miles. The fun beachies and warm water provided the ideal training ground for the boys to go nuts with barrels, turns and airs and we all know that life is definitively better in boardshorts.

Filmed by Carlos Pinto
Edited by S├ębastien Chebassier
Music by The Hollies – Long cool woman with a black dress.