Posted 27/07/2017 by fstv in Surf Trip

MENTAWAI – Benjamin Sanchis

Living my passion as a job for more than 16 years, I always had the feeling I could have done better things till a point where I almost forgot why I was traveling the World with my camera.
Thanks to Benjamin Sanchis, I had the opportunity to jump onboard the King Millenium for a 2 weeks trip around Indonesia.
Over there, everything became simple again: no client, no deadline, no social network, just us doing what we do best.
I was supposed to shoot a part for our upcoming project “Vague a l’Ame”, I ended up falling in love again with Cinematography.
Vincent Kardasik

Produced by:
Supported by:
Directed by:
Vincent Kardasik
Benjamin Sanchis
Michael Darrigade
Vincent Kardasik
Narration by:
Ryan Keen
Post-production by:
Julie Kardasik
Jovel / The Heroine
Ryan Keen / Thoughts
Shot on location aboard the King Millenium.

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