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British surfer Mark ‘Egor’ Harris travels to Mundaka in Spain and meets with old friend & local surfer Kepa Acero. Together they discovered the history of Europe’s famed surf spot and scored an epic session. The journey continues – https://www.facebook.com/endlesswinte…

Ford Ranger presents ‘The Endless Winter II – Surfing Europe’

Europe is, and always has been a traveling surfers dream. British surfer Mark ‘Egor’ Harris will travel from Newquay in England to Taghazout in Morocco, a well trodden surf trail since the 1960s. In each country, Mark will team up with fellow pro-surfers and together they’ll surf the countries best waves and meet national heroes of the sport.

Voice over by; Kepa Acero

Surfers; Kepa Acero, Mark Harris, Eneco Acero, Natxo González, many more.

Archive courtesy of; Roger Mansfield

Music; ‘Heavy Night’ by Mojo White

The Endless Winter crew; Matt Crocker, James Dean, Tim Boydell, Ross McDonald, Lucia Griggi, Dave Hamill, Rob Saunders, Simon Ball, Anthony Butler, Nathan Dunn, Brian Moseley, Joe Smith.

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