Posted 19/11/2014 by fstv in Surfer

CITIZEN OF THE WORLD – Kyllian Guerin, an amazing 11 years old grom !

SPOT : Indonesia, France.
SURFER : Kyllian Guerin.
VIDEO : Kyllian Guerin.

« Citizen of the World » is the last edit of the young Groms Kyllian Guerin, so happy to be back in the water after his knee injury playing soccer and 6 month out of the water. At 11 years old, he lives between France and Costa Rica, and travel a lot searching waves all around the world . From indonesia to the last autumn swell at home in France, Kyllian is ripping and just enjoy his life. Stronger, he knows that everything can change quickly, but also that if you keep fighting and positive , you can just come back …