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540 vs 720 – Kelly Slater's 540 compared to air reverses and alley-oops.

SPOT : Peniche, Portugal.
SURFER : Kelly Slater, Albee Layer, Julian Wilson.
MUSIC : CyberSDF – Dinky.

Kelly Slater made history again !
Watch how his epic 540 aerial compares to previous attempts by surfers such as Albee Layer and Julian Wilson.

Kelly Slater’s 720 : http://youtu.be/7d_E1Xx4_Ko
The Death of the Air Reverse : http://youtu.be/QqgMeHiQl3E
Kai Lenny’s Air Reverse on a SUP : http://youtu.be/14KicUHmscs
First Surfing 720 Aerial – The Race is On! http://youtu.be/gXk9TiqGUHs