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DOCTOR SURF – Med's waves are the best meds.

SPOT : Israel.
SURFER : Ido Kasantini.
MUSIC : truckfighters – desert cruiser.
VIDEO : yakir avrahami

///experimental surf movie shot in the mediterranean sea///
This is my take on Arthur Rashkovan, aka, Doctor surf
Doctor surf is lurking in the streets of Tel Aviv, pushing hes skateboard and looking for the sickest of patients just to give them the right medicinal liquid treatment.
This project was shot during the last 2 months, we were very unlucky with the lack of swell but with the help of the Doc, we made it happen
I chose Ido Kasantini, one of Israesl finest surfers and truly a sick patient to set the example for my idea, after all, were all sick in one way or another///