FINLESS SURFBOARD – Trevor Gordon – Tail Fin Trials.

Finless surfboard – Trevor Gordon’s Tail Fin Trials Trevor Gordon worked with shaper Ryan Lovelace to create four weird iterations of a finless surfboard. With nothing but curiosity and intuition guiding them, the b...

AFRICAN VERTIGO – Finless Morocco.

African Vertigo hi everybody, my name is ismail Benlamlih 22 years old, originally from Morocco. I surfed and edited this video that i dedicate to my love toward the colorful, noisy, and rythmic African culture. I am so inspire...

SHOOTING BLANKS – Who needs glassing on their surfboards ?

SURF SPOT : Hawaii. SURFER / SURFING : Daniel Jones… SURF VIDEO : Raynorsurf.


TEATIME WITH RABBITS – Ryan Lovelace shapes for Trevor Gordon.

SURFERS : Ryan Lovelace (shaping), Trevor Gordon (surfing). MUSIC : Johnny McCann – “Mont Bing Bing”. VIDEO : Michael Kew.
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CEDAR & SURF – A journey through the life of a wooden surfboard.

SPOT : Maine, USA. SURFERS : Dave West, Tyler Grees. MUSIC : Yusuke Tsutsumi Eaten by the Crowd. VIDEO : Bridge to Shore/Kurt Spiridakis. A journey through the life of a surfboard built from native Maine cedar.

THE HAMMERHEAD – A 5'5″ surfboard replica of Christian Hosoi's famous skateboard.

SPOT : California, USA. SURFERS : Benji Weatherley, Dylan Graves. VIDEO : UNIV Brand – Julian Martin. The UNIV x Hosoi Hammerhead surfboard collaboration was shaped by Christian Hosoi and UNIV’s own James Addonizio ...

AGAINST THE GRAIN – The craftsmanship of creating an alaia from wood.

SPOT : San Diego, California. SURFER : Against The Grain. VIDEO : Alessandro Rodrigues. Against The Grain is a short film exploring the craftsmanship of using simple tools to create an alaia surfboard from Paulownia.


SLIDING FINS – Do super flexible fins have a future in surfing ?

SPOT : Wadi Adventure Surf Park, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. VIDEO : Slide Fins.

THE FISH – Daniel Thomson riding a 5'7″ Pavel fish in Australia in 2004.

SPOT : Australia. SURFER : Daniel Thomson. VIDEO : Free Rad. Mark Thomson’s documentation of his son Daniel riding a Richard Kenvin 5’7″ Pavel fish at home in Australia in 2004. This board has swept-back marine plyw...

FIN LAND – Heath Joske test drives one, two, three and four finned boards.

SPOT : North coast of NSW, Australia. SURFER : Heath Joske. MUSIC : Super Eagles. VIDEO : Harry Triglone. Filmed on the north coast of NSW this piece showcases Heath’s ability to find the merits in boards with one, two, t...